RAeS Aviation & Climate Change Conference: 3-4 November 2020 (virtual)


As we move into the new decade, the changing climate of our planet has moved to the top of many political agendas. Increases in the human population and carbon emissions have seen visible impacts on every continent, and change is needed if we are to preserve the future of our home.

As things stand, the aviation and aerospace industries are by no means the worst offenders, but by 2050, it will hold the largest share of residual carbon emissions, so we must ensure we are taking steps to greener aviation now to reduce our long-term impact on the environment.

Continuing the work of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Greener by Design Group, the Society will host a broad and engaging 2-day conference aimed at leading decision makers, industry innovators and future aerospace professionals who will lead us into a greener future.

Download: raes_climate_change_conference_2020_flyer
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