NATO cursus Store Separation and Trajectory Prediction

LECTURE SERIES SCI-277 on “Store Separation and Trajectory Prediction”

Netherlands Aerospace Centre - NLR, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 24-25 May 2018
Store separation is the process that any new aircraft/weapon combination has to undergo before a flight clearance is issued. This can be done using previous data for existing aircraft and weapons. New aircraft and/or weapons (both internal and external) require extensive CFD, wind tunnel, ground and flight testing.
The store separation process consists of five distinct disciplines conducted by independent groups: aircraft performance, flying qualities, structures, flutter and store release. Prior to store release from the aircraft, each selected aircraft/weapon combination has to undergo extensive aerodynamic and structural analyses and testing. This may take many years to complete. The Joint Strike Fighter (JFS) operational deployment occurred almost ten years after its first flight.

One goal of the lecture series is to bring together individuals that may be working in several independent disciplines and discuss/consider ways the store separation process might be improved. The lecture series will discuss whether aerodynamic, structural and store release flight testing can be combined.

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