AAE International forum - Aviation and Space Weather - Managing risks to air traffic induced by solar activity op 17 maart 2016


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17 march 2016

Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC)
Grand amphithéâtre
50 rue Henri Farman
75015 Paris – France

It was with the advent of the space era, and specifically the launch of the SOHO satellite 20 years ago, that the influence of solar activity on modern networks and equipment fully emerged. Its effects, varying from a momentary inconvenience to an enduring loss of systems in extreme cases, can be felt on entire sectors of activity in our societies.

Aviation, including the sector of drones, is no exception. The increasing use of satellite means (for navigation, communication and surveillance) and the continuing trend towards miniaturisation of electronic components have led industrials, operators and states to take a closer look at the effects of the more intense solar eruptions.

Space Weather applications, until now reserved mainly for space operations, are now beginning to be of interest to civil and military aviation. Like traditional meteorology, Space Weather monitors and endeavours to predict the chain of events leading from the Sun to the Earth’s environment. Several States recently published their strategies in space weather. The ESA set up the program Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

But what are the issues involved and how does the aviation take into account these effects? It is to answer these questions that the Air and Space Academy is bringing together experts from sometimes very distant fields at an international forum on ‘Aviation and Space Weather’.

Astronomers, satellite operators, navigation systems specialists, service providers of space weather and civil aviation authorities will present in an educational way, accessible to non-specialists, the most recent knowledge as well as the initiatives on research, observation, forecast and protection.

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