NvvL lezing 'Militaire type certificatie'2.0'' op 18 februari 2016


Militaire type certificatie'2.0'


Rik van Zwol (ADSE)


Donderdag 18 februari 2016 (19:00 – 21:30 uur)


ADSE, Scorpius 90

2132 LR, Hoofddorp

Summary: a new approach on certification of military aircraft by taking into account the specific military missions


In the past 10 years military aviation policy with respect to aircraft certification has been evaluated under the slogan: ‘as civil as possible, as military as necessary’.

For military certification of aircraft and changes thereto, this policy resulted in the application of civil certification codes such as FARs, JARs and EASA CS’s as the highest safety standard for aircraft occupants and people who lived below the aircraft operational areas.

The pure application of civil codes, based on civil acceptable risk figures, resulted in non-compliances for many specific military mission configurations and uses, whilst the aircraft was designed and bought for these intended uses.

The new approach remains to use the civil certification policy, but adds the possibility to take into account specific military missions by using the understanding ‘military mission condition’.

Belangstellenden dienen zich uiterlijk 15 februari a.s. hier aan te melden.

Om 18.30 uur staan koffie en een broodje gereed!

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