NVvL bedrijfsbezoek aan het NLR faciliteiten: ‘automatisering t.b.v. composietfabricage van vliegtuigcomponenten’ op donderdag 17 december 2015


Bedrijfsbezoek aan het NLR faciliteiten: ‘automatisering t.b.v. composietfabricage van vliegtuigcomponenten’

 Donderdag 17 december 2015 (18:30 – 20:30 uur)


NLR (Flevoland), Voorsterweg 31, 8316 PR Marknesse (S-zaal)


The world fleet of civil airplanes will double over the next twenty years. This means that there will be a demand of 32,600 new aircraft by 2034. The majority (70%) of these new aircraft will be single aisle. Large OEM’s at present are building single aisle aircraft at a rate of 40 – 50 aircraft per month. In order to be able to meet the demand for new single aisles production rates have to be increased to 65 – 75 aircraft per month (source Aviation week & space technology, April-May 2015).    

To meet the challenging production rates and the ambitious cost and weight savings automated manufacturing, assembly and inspection concepts have to be developed in order to:

·         Improve accuracy;

·         Improve reproducibility;

·         Improve output (kg/hour);

·         Reduce scrap rates.

At the National Aerospace Laboratory – NLR new automated composites manufacturing and inspection concepts are being developed according to the Robot Based Composites Manufacturing Concept. In this concept relatively standard robot systems with various end effectors are used in combination with other automated manufacturing processes like braiding and press forming to increase flexibility in product range.

At NLR the research on automated composites manufacturing has its focus on automated fibre placement for thermoset, thermoplastics and dry fibers, press forming and an automated composites manufacturing pilot plant for resin transfer molding.

In the presentation these processes will be highlighted by showing some examples of several R&D programs. The presentation will end with a summary of future developments at NLR in the field of automated composites manufacturing.

Er zal aansluitend een bezoek worden gebracht aan NLR faciliteiten voor composietfabricage.


Het avondprogramma ziet er als volgt uit:

18.30 – 19.00 uur: ontvangst (S-zaal, gebouw N70)

19.00 – 19.30 uur: korte introductie NLR

19.30 – 20.30 uur: bezoek aan NLR faciliteiten



Belangstellenden dienen zich uiterlijk 14 december a.s. hier aan te melden.

Om 18.30 uur staat koffie en een broodje gereed!

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