Young Researcher student Competition at Aerodays 2015


The 7th European Aeronautics Days will take place in Central London, UK from 20-23 October 2015, being the European flagship event in aviation research and innovation of the EU Research Framework Programme.

The Young Researcher Competition is aimed at students up to 30 years of age to allow them to share their research with peers and the aviation community. Students are invited to submit an abstract for consideration to be one of the chosen finalists to present and display a poster at Aerodays in London in October 2015 (http://aerosociety.com/News/Society-News/3220/Aerodays-Student-Poster-Competition). There will be two winners (one undergraduate and one postgraduate) from each CEAS member nation/institution selected to come to London.

The announcement of the winners will take place at the CEAS Air & Space conference held from 7 – 11 September in Delft (www.CEAS2015.org).

Details on how to enter the competition and to put forward an abstract for consideration (before 3 August 2015!) can be found in the attached document.

Download: aerodays_poster_exhibition
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