5th CEAS Air & Space conference Challenges in European aerospace (7 - 11 September 2015, Delft) - register now!


CEAS2015 will be a joint event featuring the fifth CEAS Air & Space Conference and 12th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education EWADE.

CEAS 2015 will be a unique opportunity for aerospace industries, academia, organizations and associations to communicate, share and debate innovative concepts and technical solutions in the aerospace domain. CEAS 2015 will promote the establishment of knowledge and technical networks with the aim of increasing European competitiveness in the field of aerospace.

Participation from all major nations involved in aerospace across the world, a wide exhibition area, special sessions on selected topics and specific actions to facilitate student’s attendance will make CEAS 2015 one of the major European aerospace events.

CEAS 2015 will be hosted by NVvL (and in close cooperation with the Delft University of Technology TUDelft and the Society of Aerospace Students DUT – Leonardo da Vinci VSV) on behalf of the CEAS community.

Register now!

Visit the website (www.ceas2015.org) for more information about the event.


Download: ceas_2015_book_of_abstracts_150825_final
Download: ceas_2015_conference_program_150825_final
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