Onze Luchtnmacht symposium ‘European Airpower: Conflicting Challenges?'' op 28 mei 2014 (Zeist)


  'European Air Power: Conflicting Challenges?'

28 mei 2014, Figi Theater te Zeist; Registration https://activiteiten.kivi.nl/4940

The Russian annexation of Crimea and the military exercises of the Red Army near the eastern border of Ukraine presents President Obama with a major concern. In a meeting with EUpresident van Rompuy and EC chairman Barroso on March 14, Obama emphasized the importance of NATO remaining a Credible, powerful alliance, a position that can only be achieved if each of the allies contributes proportionally. Many of the European Armed Forces see themselves forced to make deep cuts in costs 
and even sacrifice  operational capabilities. By focussing on crucial competencies, mostly of an expeditionary nature, NATO might lose its credibility as a powerful instrument for diplomats.  By the same token, the EU could become more dependent on the transatlantic umbrella for the defence of its territory. Consequently, the possibility of effectively using airpower as a political instrument to control 
international, armed conflicts, should stimulate the EU members to modernise and innovate their military capabilities instead of making  budget cuts. Unfortunately, the margins for the military are very small.

On the 28 May 2014 a number of well-known speakers will be sharing their views on aforementioned observations. Lt Gen RNLAF (ret.) Dr Dick Starink will present a brief history of how military aviation developed in the last hundred years. Professor Philip Sabin of Kings College, London, will reveal some recent developments in the use of airpower and its influence on the diplomatic side of conflict management. Lt Gen RNLAF (ret) Freek Meulman will present and analyze the paradox of shrinking Defence budgets while still keeping NATO ready as a  credible, military stick to support adequate diplomatic manoeuvring. Professor Dr Lindley French will focus the spotlight on transatlantic relations and the US view of how the EU should take on their military responsibilities while Professor Dr Sven Biscop of the Egmont Institute will describe the way progress has or hasn't been made in developing  European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). In the afternoon Ambassador mr Frank Majoor of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will share his views on the Dutch position. Professor Dr Hester Bijl of TU Delft will going into detail on how scientific and technology experts perceive their contribution in this debate. Mr Bernhard Wientjes will underline the importance of the role of (Dutch) industry in supporting the Dutch Armed Forces and NATO in achieving credibility, while Ir Hans Buthker CEO of Stork Fokker will add to the picture with specific reference to the Defence-related aviation industry in the Netherlands. The Commander of the RNLAF will round offby explaining how he is encouraging the his Air Force and his superiors to stay in  good shape asto be an effective instrument for diplomats.

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