NVvL lezing ‘Space Expedition, a life-changing experience’ op 27 juni 2013


Lezing Space Expedition, a life-changing experience

door Harry van Hulten op 27 juni 2013 (19:00 – 21:30 uur)

TUD, Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft (collegezaal B)


As of late 2014 Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) will offer suborbital spaceflights form Mojave, CA USA. Followed by spaceflights from Curacao International Airport approximately one year later.
SXC will hereby provide access to space for private individuals and scientific research in the near future. These flights will be executed with the Lynx Mk I (Mojave, CA) and the Mk II (Curacao), built by XCOR Aerospace from Mojave CA and are operated under a wet lease agreement with SXC. SXC recognizes the importance of space applications and is convinced that these will become increasingly important. SXC was founded in 2008 by Lt-Gen (ret.) Ben Droste and Harry van Hulten.

The objective of SXC is to provide access to space for private individuals and for scientific Research and Educational Missions (REM) as well as astronaut training. The company has been able to successfully raise funding and government support. SXC also formed various strategic partnerships with KLM, Luminox and others.

The project of SXC consists of three different phases:

1.     The Space Line. SXC offers a suborbital spaceflight in the Lynx Mk I and II. Besides one private individual, the Lynx can take up to 4 different payloads in space in order to execute Research and Educational Missions (REM). The Lynx is also suitable for astronaut training and can launch micro- and nano-satellites into orbit. SXC aims to serve all above-mentioned markets. This is the first phase of the project of SXC.

2.    The Space Port. The spaceport will be a commercial ‘airport’ for spaceships. This enterprise will facilitate and accommodate various space lines at Curacao International Airport. The spaceport will provide the space lines with all necessary services and facilities in order to operate their commercial spaceflights. The Space Port is the second phase of the project. SXC will initiate building the permanent facilities of the second phase once the first phase is successful and sufficiently underway.

3.    The Space Experience Centre.
The Space Experience Centre is a hi-tech facility, which educates and entertains its visitors about commercial spaceflight. It will be a venue forresearch and development as well as education. It will also perform business center functions like accommodating conferences and symposia as well as a focal point for education programs about space subjects. The Space Experience will be housed in the terminal for the Space Port, collocated with the Space Port and the Space Line. The third phase will follow after completing the first and second phase.

Belangstellende NVvL leden dienen zich vóór 21 juni a.s. aan te melden bij het NVvL-secretariaat (nvvl@nlr.nl) en Nadine Kort (Nadine.Kort@dnw.aero).

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