NVvL lezing 'Flying in 2050' op 18 april 2013


Flying in 2050

by Alain Garcia (former
Airbus Executive Vice President of Engineering, currently senior adviseur Airbus CEO)

Thursday 18 April 2013 (19:00 – 21:30 hours)


Nationaal Lucht- en
Ruimtevaartlaboratorium NLR (Auditorium

Anthony Fokkerweg 2, 1059 CM


Air transport must face major challenges in order to meet needs in terms of passenger and freight transportation in Europe and worldwide within a 2050 timeframe.

The French Air and Space Academy's Foresight commission, made up of aeronautics experts and chaired by the speaker, has identified the challenges to be met by the air transport sector and reviewed them on a number of themes like prospects for air traffic growth, quality of service expected, energy sources available for air transport and contributions of aircraft manufacturing, operational structures and space.

Last year a conference was organized in Toulouse (F) with the participation of recognized, independent experts, to discuss these issues, to identify what is at stake and the challenges that must be met, and to provide recommendations and solutions for the attention of political and industrial policymakers, as well as the scientific and education community, whose task it is to prepare for tomorrow's air transport system.

The speaker, Alain Garcia, will present the results of this work.

After identifying market needs as closely as possible by means of an original model, the speaker will go on to analyze the quality of service expected, possible solutions and their consequences on the availability of energy at a reasonable price, the risks of congestion of infrastructures, air traffic management and greater use of space services and the effects on the environment.


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