NVvL Symposium 'SESAR and The Netherlands: Contributions and Benefits' op 14 maart 2013


Donderdag 14 Maart 2013
Schiphol Airport, Schiphol Auditorium

The SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme is one of the most ambitious research and development projects ever launched by the European Community. The SESAR Programme is the technological and operational dimension of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative to meet future capacity and safety needs.

The mission of the SESAR Joint Undertaking is to develop a modernized air traffic management system for Europe. This future system will ensure the safety and fluidity of air transport over the next thirty years, will make flying more environmentally friendly and reduce the costs of air traffic management.

The Netherlands has a strong Air Transport sector with KLM, Schiphol, LVNL, EUROCONTROL's Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre and a strong support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and
Environment, KNMI, NLR and TU-Delft.

SESAR and The Single European Sky will have a great impact on the Netherlands AirTransport Sector as well as on the operations of the Netherlands Defence Forces. In the one-day symposium the main Netherlands players in SESAR will explain their involvement in SESAR and The Single European Sky.


   09:00     Welcome and coffee
09:15  Welcome by Fred Abbink (President NVvL)
09:30  Keynote on SESAR by Patrick Ky (director SESAR)
10:00  Netherlands government (Jacqueline Prins, Deputy Director Civil Aviation, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment)
10:25  Airports (Ad Rutten, COO of Schiphol and Chairman ACI Europe)
   10:50  Coffee break
11:15 Airlines (Peter Hartman, President/CEO of KLM and Vice-Chairman ACARE)
11:40 Defence/Royal NL Airforce (Commodore Chris Lorraine, director MLA)
12:05 Air Traffic Control (Paul Riemens, CEO LVNL and Chairman ExCom CANSO)
   12:30 Lunch
13:30 MUAC - A passion for performance - From SESAR development to deployment (Lt.-Gen Ret Jacques Jansen, Director MUAC)
13:55 Meteorological Services, now and in the SESAR era (Frits Brouwer, Director-General KNMI)
14:20 Research and Development (Michel Peters, CEO of NLR)
14:40 University Research (Prof Ricky Curran, TU-Delft-LR)
   15:00 Tea break
15:30 Questions and Panel Discussion
17:00 Closure by Fred Abbink
   17:10 Drinks 

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