NVvL nieuwjaarsborrel & lezing 'Survival of the Fittest: 90 Years of Dutch Aeronautics RDT&E in a Globalising Environment’ op 17 januari 2013


Alle NVvL leden zijn van harte uitgenodigd om voorafgaand aan de lezing  een toast uit te brengen op het nieuwe jaar. Onder het genot van een hapje en een drankje kan in informele sfeer worden teruggekeken op het afgelopen jaar en kunnen we een blik werpen op toekomstige ontwikkelingen in de luchtvaart.

Donderdag 17 januari a.s., 19:00 – 19:30  (borrel) en 19.30 - 21.00 uur (lezing)

NLR (Auditorium A/B), Anthony Fokkerweg 2
1059 CM, Amsterdam


Lezing ‘Survival of the Fittest: 90 Years of Dutch Aeronautics RDT&E in a Globalising Environment’

door Fred Abbink (voormalig Alg. Directeur NLR, vz NVvL)


In 1919 Royal Dutch Airlines – KLM, Fokker Aircraft Industry and The National Aerospace Laboratory – NLR, were founded.  In the following 90 years, in three main time periods, many political and technological developments shaped KLM, Fokker and NLR into today’s form and structure.  These three time periods are 1919 to 1945, the Cold War period to 1989, and the post Cold War period to the present day.

The main developments in these time periods were:

  • the consolidation of the multiple national aircraft industries, through National Champions and Joint Ventures between National Champions into European aerospace industries;
  • the consolidation of the multiple national airlines, through national flag carriers, airline alliances and mergers into global airlines;
    the consolidation of Europe and the development of European organisations and agencies;
  • the development of European and international cooperation in aeronautical research.

Against these global and European developments, the lecture will address the development and implementation of new technology to support the Netherlands Aeronautical Industry, and civil and military operators in the changing environments of the periods between the First and Second World Wars, during the Cold War and after the Cold War.

The presentation will address the NLR RDT&E support of:

  • the Dutch Military Forces in the field of threat analysis, self protection, training and maintenance, as well as helicopter-ship qualification;
  • Fokker in the field of aerodynamic design, structural testing and flight testing of the Fokker F.27, F.28, Fokker 50 and Fokker 100, and the support in composites design and qualification in the period after the Fokker bankruptcy in 1996;
  • Schiphol Airport and ATC The Netherlands in order to increase the airport capacity, within the (legal) boundaries of safety, noise and emissions.

Furthermore it will address how NLR increases its RDT&E effectiveness and efficiency by increased participation in the EU Framework Programmes, AGARD/RTO, GARTEUR, ACARE and the Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics, and in the field of wind tunnels, by jointly building, operating and exploiting large wind tunnels like the Large Low-speed German-Netherlands Windtunnel  (DNW-LLF) and the European Transonic Windtunnel (ETW).


Belangstellende NVvL leden dienen zich vóór 14 januari a.s. aan te melden bij het NVvL-secretariaat (nvvl@nlr.nl) en Nadine Kort (Nadine.Kort@dnw.aero).

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