The Netherlands Association of Aeronautical Engineers

The Netherlands Association of Aeronautical Engineers, NVvL, is the nonprofit organization in the Netherlands which provides a common platform for all with a professional or a private interest in aerospace technology.

The NVvL stands for research, science and technology in aerospace engineering. With its approx. 300 members, the NVvL is the only association in The Netherlands which is represented in all specialist and work areas of the aerospace sector - from the industry to government, from teaching to research.

The NVvL is the link and communicator between the individual disciplines and promotes the national and international exchange of experiences among industrial companies, authorities, research institutes and universities. It promotes the interaction between science and technologies and it strengthens the network between people.

The NVvL is, independent of individual interest groups, an advocate for the aerospace sector and a spokesman for their members. It supplies information on the scientific, technical, economic and cultural achievements of this sector. It informs and advises on all levels in order to stress the importance of aerospace engineering.

With symposia and conferences, by cooperation on international events and in debates on national level, the NVvL achieves an extensive and profound exchange of information and experience inside and outside the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

The NVvL supports technical and scientific aerospace work and furthers the application of the knowledge gained in the process. Its yearly scientific-technical publication provides broad information for professionals as well as the interested amateur.

Well aware that the future of our society largely depends on the priority status we assign to aerospace engineering, the NVvL is especially concerned to get young people interested in this technology. The encouragement of the young engineers and scientists is one of to day’s major tasks of the NVvL. Our long standing relationship/cooperation with the Society of Aerospace Students Delft University of Technology –Leonardo da Vinci- is a good example.

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